It's no secret that Mainstream Media is hanging by a thread and they have signed their death warrant. It's all side choosing, fear mongering and sensationalisation in the name of ratings over facts. Mainstream Media outlets have been reduced to clickbait and BS.

When creatives have no boundaries, no restrictions and no one telling them what to do, that's when they make their coolest shit, and that's when they become the most successful. 


Joe Rogan built a podcast empire based on unwavering authenticity and doing exactly what he wanting to do.


Donald Glover created Bonfire and Atlanta by staying true to himself making what he wanted to make. 

What do both of them have in common, other than making insanely cool shit? They both did it unadulterated and uncensored. 


With demise of Mainstream Media personally created content is on the rise, and at the risk of being grandiose, it's the future man! The freedom to create whatever and however you want? Yes please!

M∆CK MEDI∆ is a place where podcasters and digital media creatives can distribute their own brand of entertainment. Based completely on their interests and passions. You create whatever and however you want and as a collective we get paid.

M∆CK MEDI∆ believes podcasters and all other digital creatives deserve to be paid for what they make. But it's hard out there for a single podcast, even if you are successful, to get sponsors and advertisers. It's all about the numbers. The more listeners you have the more likely companies will advertise with you.

That's why M∆CK MEDI∆ was started. As a collective of podcasts and digital content creators we have the power, in numbers, to attract advertising and sponsors. The more creatives that join the more listeners we have, the more listeners we have, the more and better sponsors we get. 


M∆CK MEDI∆ understands the importance of owning your own shit. So we are committed to individuality and autonomy. You have the freedom to do whatever you want and how you want. We will never tell you want you can and cannot do.


Unless you want help of course! Check out What We Offer to find out how you can join M∆CK MEDI∆.